Utah Lyme Disease Alliance
January, 12  2013

Lyme Support Meeting
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South Jordan Library
10673 Redwood Road
Encompassing the 300+ strains of Borreliosis throughout the world including Borrelia Hermsii (Utah Strain!) and other Tick-Borne & Insect Co-infections such as; Q-Fever (a well known disease in Utah!), Babesia, Bartonella, Ehrlichia, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (Rickettsia), Tularemia, Colorado Tick Fever, Mycoplasma and more.
Saturday, JUNE 17TH

Special Presentation by
Amy Smith of
Cell Vitality-Draper, Utah

Lyme is too big for us to fight alone!
Amy Smith has Studied natural healing modalities for over 18 years and soon will complete a degree from the accredited Everglades University in Alternative Medicine. Certified in microcurrent healing and owner of Cell Vitality. Cell Vitality is in Draper, Utah inside the Health and Wellness Institute.   We currently work with Dr. Robert Jones. Also, a member of our group, Marie Thompson, will be sharing her experience with microcurrent and Cell Vitality.  

Health Is Not Everything, But Without Health, Everything Is Nothing. 
                                                                                                                           -Arthur Schopenhauer
Everyone knows that without even one of these essential elements -sunlight, oxygen, water and food (nutrition), organisms will eventually break down, wither and die. Yet few understand there is an additional element of health that is equally as lifesaving and vitally important in helping the body restore itself to an energetic and healthy state.  This very overlooked element of health is: Electrical energy!  Every cell in our body needs electrons to function property and most Americans are very electron deficient! 
The body was created to be self-healing, self-regenerating, and self-regulating. The body has the capacity to heal itself when ALL 5 elements are present and in the proper proportions.  But when they are not in the proper proportions or one is missing, yeast, bacteria, waste, acidosis, inflammation etc can take over the body, resulting in pain, toxicity, disease and degeneration. 

-Electrical Energy- The 5th Essential Element-The Energy of Life 
We are made up of a marvelous but complex electrical system which controls the functions of our body, and the quality of life we live. Among those functions are the critical pump of the heart.  Our body’s energy is called adenosine triphosphate, commonly known as ATP. ATP is known as molecular currency, or the energy of life and its primary responsibility is to power cells (think of a car, if the battery is not fully charged, the car will not start). When cells have enough ATP they generate enough of an electrical current to allow all functions of life to occur, this includes regeneration of the body. As can be guessed when our mitochondria do not produce enough ATP the outcome is a lack of energy in the cell resulting in chaos and destruction throughout the body. This havoc is made manifest to us in many forms that have countless names in the medical community, but to keep it simple we will say infirmities in the body. 

-How Is It Done?
Think Back to the battery of the car- Microcurrent therapy is like a “whole body battery recharger” that uses very low level electrical currents to restore cellular metabolism and respiration, increases circulation and oxygenation, decreases inflammation and waste and facilitates the detoxification process. The Electroscope uses the same healing frequencies of the earth and the body’s own natural electrical currents. When microcurrent therapy is administered, it triggers a reaction that in essence compares to putting little jumper cables on all your cells!!  Simply put, this process enhances the body’s ability to heal itself 2-3 times faster than its normal capacity. 

-Why Are We Different?
Many other devices channel the microcurrent in one direction where it excites and bombards the tissue, or simply kills the bacteria, in some cases this can actually cause more damage to the cells instead of helping them.  We are different because we use an Electro-Equiscope which is the most advanced device in its class! It is FDA registered. This device is an incredible artificial intelligent device that communicates to your own specific body and unique frequencies. It scans, searches and seeks the body, searching for blockages and abnormalities in the electrical system, clears the electrical pathways, and sends a corrective signal recalibrating at 100 x /millisecond. 

​-Who Can Benefit From Microcurrent Therapy?
The Electro-Equiscope has the ability to bring life back into the body by reducing inflammation, dispersing waste, restoring cellular metabolism and enhancing detoxification, thus we turn on the body’s own healing mechanism so the body can heal itself the way it was created to do. 

Anyone with a body can benefit from our microcurrent therapy because we are one big electrical walking talking system! In the past, we have had success in a varied list of conditions which include but certainly are not limited to people with chronic inflammation, poor circulation, sports injuries, pain, autoimmune disorders, and “healthy” people who want to stay healthy by detoxifying their body though our protocols. 

Cell Vitality 
826 East 12300 South
Draper, Utah  84020
South Jordan Library