Utah Lyme Disease Alliance
January, 12  2013

Lyme Support Meeting
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South Jordan Library
10673 Redwood Road
Encompassing the 300+ strains of Borreliosis throughout the world including Borrelia Hermsii (Utah Strain!) and other Tick-Borne & Insect Co-infections such as; Q-Fever (a well known disease in Utah!), Babesia, Bartonella, Ehrlichia, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (Rickettsia), Tularemia, Colorado Tick Fever, Mycoplasma and more.
Saturday, JUNE 17TH

Special Presentation by
Amy Smith of
Cell Vitality-Draper, Utah

Thank you Mayor Applegarth and the City of Riverton for the May Lyme Disease Awareness Month Proclamation!
The Mayor gave a wonderful message about Lyme Disease in Utah! Thank you to all those who came and were a part of the event. I think we had about 16 in attendance. A picture was taken by the City and I'll post as soon as I receive it. I left Utah Lyme Disease Alliance flyers at the sign in table for other attendees to take and get more educated about Lyme Disease.   It was a great night :)