Utah Lyme Disease Alliance
January, 12  2013

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Encompassing the 300+ strains of Borreliosis, including Borrelia Hermsii - Utah's Strain!,
and other Tick-Borne & Insect Co-infections such as;  Babesia, Bartonella, Ehrlichia, Q-Fever; a well known disease in Utah from testing at Dugway Proving Ground!, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Tularemia, Colorado Tick Fever, Mycoplasma and more.
A Multi-Systemic Infectious Disease 
Steve Baugh - Continued
is that everyone seems to be affected differently by different treatments. Some people do well with antibiotics and some people do not. I did poorly with antibiotics. They made me so sick, I would have spent my entire time in bed just vegetating. I also don’t do well with supplements. They have a building up effect in me so that I tend to have bad reactions after taking certain supplements for 60 days or more. Sometimes my bad reaction to supplements are immediate, depending on the supplement.
For me, I took a chance on a Doug Coil rife machine. In other words, I shelled out $1700 for my machine without having ever tried one to see if it would work. I have since found out that rife machines do not work for some people with Lyme. I am fortunate that it did work for me. I have been using my Doug Coil rife machine for nearly four years and have pretty much reversed all of my terrible Neuro-
Lyme symptoms: Total left side of my body was numb and tingly; continuous migraine on left temple; continuous nausea; some facial paralysis (Bell’s Palsy); left side blurry eye; cognitive issues such as memory deteriorating; brain fog; and devastating fatigue. I know there were more symptoms – I just can’t think of them all.
I treated myself with caution and very slowly, but with consistency. I began coiling (rifing) only 15 seconds once every two weeks. I did such a small amount because of the big Herxheimer (herx) reactions I was having. Slowly, as my Lyme bacterial load decreased, I was able to increase my coiling time and treat additional parts of my body.
Now I am treating once a week and am up to 23 minutes a treatment over most of my body. There are still places I need to cover, which I will as time goes on. Life is so much better now. I am living a more normal life. I am involved as a missionary for my church in family history work, I exercise daily (4 mile walk), do weight workouts, and am involved in many other activities. If I were to never get better than I am right now, life is good and I will be happy. On the other hand, I am convinced that I will continue to improve and will possibly achieve complete remission.
Has this form of treatment been easy? No, it has been difficult. I have herxed after every treatment and I still herx even now after I treat. My herxes are not as bad now as they once were, I believe, because my bacteria load is so reduced. As important as having a killing protocol for Lyme, I feel that just as important is having a method of detoxing to remove all of the toxins you create after you kill spirochetes. My most effective detox has been sweating in a sauna and eating a good diet so that my elimination system works better.
The last advice I can give is to pace yourself. Getting over Lyme is a pace not race game. If you try to race and do too much, you will get sicker. A slow, effective, consistent method of killing Lyme and detoxing is key to overcoming this disease in my opinion.
Good luck on your journey.
Steve Baugh
Jeni's - Continued
Addison's Disease. I spent that whole year in treatment, which caused me to fail that grade. Addison's disease is not curable and I no longer have it.
I have also had back problems all my life. Around 1994 I was told that I was born with a hole in my spine (spina befida) which has fused itself naturally over the years, which has caused scare tissue to build up and continues to be a problem.
I have also had bladder problems all my life. I have had surgery, meds and therapies off and on my whole life to correct this. Nothing has worked. What really happens is my bladder has involuntary spasms for no reason under the sun, which leaves me with no control. Other than being held back in school for the Addison's disease this has got to be the most embarrassing thing I go through.
My Mother had arthritis, high blood pressure and thyroid problems all her adult life. In 1992 (Utah) she was diagnosed with Parkinson's. I lost her in 2007 to that dreadful symptomatically-diagnosed disease. I believe my mother was the one to infect me in utero. All five of my siblings have issues but they believe mainstream garbage and won't get checked.
In 2012 I started having problems with my legs. They would feel swollen in the morning (not look swollen just painful). Google being everyone's best friend and me researching it, I came to the conclusion I had heart or kidney problems. (it was odd to swell during the night, not during the day). After two years, seven doctors, lots of lab test, even a visit to the ER (my husband thought it was a blood clot, the ER said I had bursitis) I was told to be grateful all the lab work came back beautiful and I am healthy (other than the stupid ER). My legs would swell so bad during the night it hurt to walk on for the first few hours in the morning. I couldn't even bend to put on shoes or socks, much less wash my feet.
In Jan 2014 my BFF, that was diagnosed with MS, was headed to Mexico for stem cell treatment. She asked me to come with because she loved and trusted her doctor there. The doctor had just acquired a new dark field microscope, out of curiosity I asked him to look at my blood. Low and behold there is was... that nasty little spirochete swimming around, then it attached itself to a health red blood cell and stated feasting. It was disgusting to see. But seeing was not believing, I just thought that dumb doctor doesn't know anything. We went back to the motel and I stayed up all night researching Lyme. Lyme couldn't be what I have because other than leg pain, I was healthy. We came back with a picture of that little creature in hand. I showed it to the homeopath I respected, he said that it was bogus (just like I thought). A month later I wasn't getting better. I started another doctor search asking them to test me for Lyme. Everyone refused, one promised to test me, on the third visit he told me there is no such thing as Lyme, for me to just drop it. In Apr 2014 I was directed to a LLMD in Provo UT. She tested me for Lyme and everything else in my past and current condition. I can't believe all the wasted money and time was spent with all those other worthless doctors. She is working on my whole body heath so I can fight these little bastards on my own again. I don't hurt any more but I still have problems with my temper and memory. PS my BFF was also diagnosed with Lyme's that day and is doing amazingly well, only being treated by the doctor in Mexico.
I have since had all five of my children checked for Lymes, all were negative. One child (35 yrs old) was exhibiting symptoms so I had her dark field tested (2015) and there the little bastard was found. That child was never bitten by a tick, two others have been (try to make since out of that). To top it all off my husband has had problems with his muscles for the last 10 years. He has also been told that he is healthy and there is nothing to worry about, this even came from the specialist at the UoU Hospital after very painful testing. My LLMD tested him western blot. He, like myself only tested positive for Band 23. So... according to the CDC we don't have Lyme, although Band 23 is Lyme specific. He was raised in Utah (never tick bite) and I in Texas. I would like to challenge that Lyme is not sexually transmittable.